Ear scum won’t sell pizzas

That’s my thumb! That’s my phone! And – oh geez – that’s my face cruft all over it.

In my briefest stint at an ad agency (to which I will forever be grateful for taking me on at time when my portfolio consisted of art projects of construction paper pieced together with Elmer’s glue) I got to design a Dominos Pizza mailer for the area university dorms. I was asked to do this because I was ‘young’ and ‘hip.’ I knew this to be not true of myself but I couldn’t bring myself to tell them that.

In my desperation I went with a texting theme, which even then was no longer trendy. I spelled “you” with just the letter “u” to cover my tracks. “They will never guess I am not hip!” I thought.

Instead all I see is carelessness. That phone needs some airbrushing for sure, but at the very least I could have wiped it off first.

wireframe of a food ingredients list
Created using Illustrator while studying at Georgia Tech, 2011
mock of food ingredients list
Cleaned up version with the proper phone inset.

I forgot this lesson when I was working on a redesign of the food label. I call it “The Nudge Remote,” so watch out for it on late-night infomercials.

In the first iteration, I took up a lot of real estate making the remote. Feedback on that view indicated the remote was getting in the way of the content. For every design, ask yourself if there is something that needs to be removed. Almost always something can be.

In the final draft, the fake remote is gone and the Nudge Remote lives in all its glory without the distraction of a poorly executed frame. And, for the record, the phone screen is perfectly clean.