Interaction Designer, Google

September 2013 – Present
After summer internship on Drive, I now work with the Chrome team, thinking about ways to make the web awesome.

thumbnail for Chrome Custom Tabs
Chrome Custom Tabs

Graphics Intern, The Washington Post

June – August 2013 (Three months)
One of the hardest gigs ever! I spent the summer trying to keep up with the top-notch Post crew as I designed and built interactives for such big summer stories as the Bradley Manning verdict, NASA’s next mission, and, most importantly, the royal baby.

thumbnail image for food stamp interactive
Americans on food stamps
thumbnail image for name generator
The royal baby name generator

Instructor, University of Florida

January – August 2012 (6 months)
It’s really important to share what you know so we’ve got a whole world of design thinkers. Or at least fewer egregious uses of Comic Sans. To that end, I developed and taught the introductory web design course for the inaugural launch of UF’s online masters program in digital communication.

MSc. Digital Media, Georgia Tech

August 2011 – May 2013 (2 years)
Unearthed my inner geek hanging out with the engineer/art kids in the Digital Media program.

thumbnail image for music boarding
thumbnail image for FluFix
thumbnail image for recipe substituter
Recipe substituter


September 2008 – August 2011 (3 years)
At the start of this job we made fun of things like Twitter and the iPad. By the end of it social media and mobile was serious business. So much change! Along with daily news design asks, I contributed to a 2009 site redesign, 2012 elections branding and presentation pitches to partner companies like Facebook and Apple as we worked to redefine digital storytelling.

thumbnail of a generations graphic
Generations through the years
thumbnail or oil well drilling graphic
Drilling the relief wells

Design intern, The Virginian-Pilot

May – August 2008 (3 months)
I got to work at one of the most beautiful papers in the world (really – it’s gorgeous!) by placing third in the 2007 Society for News Design “The Intern” competition.

thumbnail image for b1 front
Hampton Roads B1
thumbnail image for the tunguska mystery
The Tunguska mystery

Ba. Graphic Design, UNC-Chapel Hill

August 2004 – May 2008 (4 years)
Originally wanted to be a Hallmark card designer. Then I discovered newspapers. Then newspapers fell apart. But it all turned out okay!

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Six degrees of Kevin Bacon