Other Work

You’re busy. You’ve got meetings. You don’t have time to read through weird little design lesson stories. I get it. Skim through here for a variety of projects that don’t have a home on the main page or resume.

Resource Generation

Inside of a two-sided mailer sent to Resource Generation members. RG is a neato group, working to help young people with wealth to determine how to be philanthropic today rather than at retirement.

Graph of RG membership growth
Created as a freelancer in Illustrator, 2015

Washington Post Metro coverage

The last day of my internship at The Washington Post was spent on a “quick graphic” that went late into the evening to properly document exactly how much of the metro system transit board members actually use. After a bunch of versions, we went with small multiples. It printed as a full page graphic the following Sunday.

maps of which metro lines board members use
Made with Illustrator and InDesign while interning at The Washington Post, 2013

Extra Environmentalist

When I donated to the Extra Environmentalist podcast, I got a thank-you note on a little slip of paper that looked like it had been quickly cut with scissors. I thought, “We can do better.” I pitched this post card design to them, using their current branding style.

extra environmentalist front of postcard

extra environmentalist back of postcard
Created using Photoshop as a freelancer, 2013

Public Design Workshop

Brand and style guide created for the Public Design Workshop at Georgia Tech. They’ve since re-designed. (You know, gotta please the public.) No, but seriously – PDW does some super cool stuff building digital solutions for problems in the food and civic arenas.

styleguide pages for public design workshop

styleguide pages for public design workshop

styleguide pages for public design workshop
Made with Illustrator and InDesign as freelance work, 2013


I spent a couple years studying digital media at Georgia Tech. One of my projects was about meetings, because, well, it’s hard not to try to solve your own problems. I worked with two others but personally designed the process book.

page one of MeetingMatch process book

page two of MeetingMatch process book
Made with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign as a graduate student at Georgia Tech, 2013


There are a plethora of ‘The Office’ fan sites. They contain a slew of recaps, spoilers, stills, quotes, videos, message boards – and all exist in a vacuum. They only reference the actual episode through tags and direct linking, and the show itself cannot easily aggregate all that the fans are saying. Absofruitly was an attempt to answer to that need. It plots fan-favored quotes from The Office Quotes and (in theory, but no-longer working) video clips from YouTube on the timeline of the actual show itself. In this beta test, the YouTube clips are just for demo purposes. But the quotes are real, and even with five episodes it’s possible to unearth some interesting trends.

timeline of one episode of office jokes
Made with PHP chops I’ve since lost after leaving grad school, 2012

Page Up People

This was an exploration with another freelancer, who was struggling to adapt all the text the company wanted into the number of pages the company had budget for. Also we had to find free/low-cost images on our own. I took a stab at it.

front and back pages of brochure

one of the inside pages of the brochure

one of the inside pages of the pup brochure

one of the inside pages of the pup brochure
Created as a freelancer using InDesign, 2011

CNN Oscars

I used to be BIG into showbiz graphics. I know entertainment news is fairly meaningless in the grand scheme of things. But I think it’s a way into getting people to understand our own culture. This project didn’t pan out spectacularly. If anything I learned the myths we believe are really just myths. But it was fun to research and see no real evidence that winning an Oscar does anything to an actor’s career.

graph showing box office earnings for oscar winners
Made with Illustrator and Photoshop while working as a product designer at CNN.com, 2011

World on Edge

Logo created for a conference t-shirt.

world on edge logo
Created using Photoshop as a freelancer, 2010

CNN Entertainment

The writer of a great Simpsons piece had a list of shows that had influenced ‘The Simpsons’ and a list of shows that had since been inspired by the infamous cartoon. I forget how it came up that the doughnut should be in the center of it like a very tasty twist on a Nightingale chart. The end result was a great blend of serious data and a play on the iconic Simpsons visual style.

graphic showing what influenced The Simpsons
Made with Illustrator and Photoshop while working as a production designer at CNN.com, 2009

Dogwood Festival

Submitted this logo to the Dogwood Festival. It didn’t win but I still like it, natch.

dogwood festival logo
Created using Illustrator as freelancer, 2009

Mother Nature Network

Riffed on a government chart to make it easier to understand for Mother Nature Network, a news outlet for environmental coverage. This is back when doing Flash stuff was legitimate.

map of everglades
Snipped from government page where information was pulled to make the cleaned up version
map of the everglades
Everglades map, created using Illustrator as a freelancer, 2009


South of Here

Had a super cool opportunity to travel to Tierra del Fuego for a senior-year school trip. Of course we built the whole dern thing in Flash. Here’s my storyboard for the graphic I built detailing why it’s so difficult to get around the notorious Cape Horn.

storyboard for south of here graphic
Made with pen and pencil while and undergraduate studying news design at UNC-Chapel Hill, 2008

Higher Ground Trust Fund

Logo exploration for a trust fund, with an explicit request to include a lighthouse.

logo for a trust fund
Made with Photoshop and Illustrator while interning at Adams & Longino, 2006